Frequently Asked Questions

Shall BARDOLINE be applied by adhering or nailing?
The type of application depends on the slope of the roof. In case that the roof slope is less than 30% (16,70 or less) it is applied by adhering on Bituline PG 300 or Bituline PP 300. It shall be nailed on roofs with a slope of more than 30%.

Do its leaves break?
The leaves at the detail points can be bent at an angle of 450. They may break if they are bent more.

Is it flammable?
Every product is flammable if the necessary conditions occur. Thus, all products are classified according to their flammable characteristics.
BARDOLINE’s fire class is BROOF according to TS EN 13501-5.

Does wind lift its leaves?
After BARDOLINE is applied, the leaves shall be checked one by one if they have adhered very well. Those that have not adhered shall be adhered once again. It is impossible for the wind to lift the leaves in correctly conducted BARDOLINE applications.

Can it be applied on roof coverings made with woods obtained from constructions?
It cannot be applied because the soil mixture residues and surface corruptions on used wood will be visible on BARDOLINE.

We have difficulties when separating the leaves while unpacking BARDOLINE shingles. What is the reason of this?
BARDOLINE shall be stocked in form of single pallets and the pallets shall never be stacked on each other. However, the case is that, in many places 3 or even 4 pallets are stacked on each other. As a result of this, the lowest BARDOLINE packages are squeezed and stick to each other due to high pressure.

How long is the guarantee for BARDOLINE?
Our firm gives written waterproofness guarantee for BARDOLINE for a period of 10 years in case that the application is approved by our technical staff members and accessories of BARDOLINE are used.
Different accessory usage makes the guarantee invalid.
Onduline Avrasya gives guarantee only for our product. The responsibility with regards to application belongs to the applicator.