Product Benefits

Ventilated roofs
Strong understructure
Easy installation
Valid for new constructions and for renovations
For Traditional Ottoman-tiles
10 year waterproofing warranty
10-year warranty

RUFOLINE is an ideal waterproofing system for historical buildings covered with traditional tiles.

Sustainable Roofing System
With its high quality, RUFOLINE system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability. For more information click here

Enjoy the even look of your roof thanks to RUFOLINE System making  possible to apply tiles in an aesthetic way.

With a wide area of use now extended to include not only the traditional roof covering but also the modern roofing architecture applications, “traditional canal” roof tiles integrate well with the RUFOLINE undertile sheets. RUFOLINE is perfectly compliant with traditional tiles of medium length.

Ideal Solution for New Or Renovated Roofs
You will only have to repair your roof once!
Enjoy the luxury of having perfect waterproofing, aesthetics and thermal insulation if you need. In addition, solve leakages occurring almost every year.

Achieve long-lasting watertightness for your roofs covered with traditional tiles of medium length.

Now Is The Time for Renovation!
We are inviting you to use the ideal solution for waterproofing of your roof with RUFOLINE sheets compatible with your traditional Ottoman tiles!


Documentation (Brochure, Technical Documents and Certificates)

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