Is underoofing always necessary? All tiles roofs can develop leaks over time. The presence of protective ISOLINE Underoofing which has a 30-year guarantee is highly recommended for many reasons.

Good quality underoofing made with robust and durable materials add an extra level of protection to the roof and helps preventing outside elements, such as snow, dust and especially rain from infiltrating and damaging your property. Increased insulation is another important benefit of underroofing, as it reduces energy costs because less heat is able to escape from the roof - a big plus-point for eco-conscious homeowner. 

Moreover, the corrugated sheets provide highly effective ventilation and irrigation channels that prevent condensation and damp, potentially saving you money in future repairs. Underroofing also acts as a sound barrier and can help you to enjoy your home in peace. 

Onduline ONDUTISS is a waterproof underroofing system that provides complete protection against weather.

ISOLINE is flexible and can be used under any tile roof; its installation is timely and as the original roof stays, you are not exposed during the work. Like a roof under the original roof, it maintains the aesthetic and authenticity of your tiles with a safe and durable solution. 

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