Sustainable roofing system!


With its high quality, ONDULINE ZİGANA TILE system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability.
•    Natural pigments are used for coloration.
•    Like all Onduline products, ONDULINE ZİGANA TILE contains no asbestos.
•    ONDULINE ZİGANA TILE contains about 50% of recycled fibers, that is verified by a third-party ICC-ES (see report VAR 1016).
•    ONDULINE ZİGANA TILE contributes to meet LEED requirements.
•    ONDULINE ZİGANA TILE is lighter than traditional roofing products, which makes for simpler, more efficient transportation as well as less waste at construction sites.
•    ONDULINE ZİGANA TILE has a low carbon footprint.