Lightweight corrugated roofing and siding sheets

ONDULINE FIT is a reliable roofing and siding solution available for a wide range of application areas.

Product benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Flexible
  • Easy application
  • 10 years of warranty
uv resistant


High Standards in Environmental Protection

ONDULINE FIT system has a high level of performance to cover for international environment and sustainability standards.



Fast and Easy Application

The sheets are easy to carry up to the roof since they are lightweight. A cutter, a hammer and a nail would be enough for a sheet to be cut and applied. ONDULINE FIT sheets may be applied on a variety of construction types such as residential buildings, annexes, garages, sheds and agricultural buildings.



With a surface weight of 3,97 kg/m², these sheets are light enough for new roofs or renovations.



Rustproof and compatible with every weather condition.



Average decibel drop value is calculated to be 40dB.


Enhanced Mechanical Resistance

ONDULINE FIT sheets are produced with a unique formula that consists of bitumen based organic fibres and a special resin. Therefore, the sheets have an enhanced mechanical resistance in overall.



ONDULINE FIT, sheets can be used on the roofs of a wide range of construction types such as residential houses, collective housing projects, commercial and corporate buildings and industrial projects.


Onduline FIT uygulama alanlari
Onduline FIT uygulama alanlari




Onduline FIT levhaONDULINE FIT
Width: 78,5 cm
Length: 200 cm
Net coverage: 1,31 m²/sheet
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 5,20 kg/sheet
Height : 3,8 cm
Number of corrugations: 8 per sheet
Packaging : 300 sheets/pallet

Storage Conditions
It is strictly forbidden for the pallets to be stacked upon each other. The pallets must be protected from the sun, rain and must be stored inside.
Onduline Mahya 2000 HRONDULINE RIDGE 2000 HR
Width x Length: 48,5 cm x 200 cm
Amount: 0,54 piece/m
Weight: 2,75 kg/piece
Packaging: 20 pieces/pack | 25 packs/pallet | 500 sheets/pallet



A Simple and Elastic Roofing System!

Onduline FIT levha

ONDULINE FIT system is available for roofing on many different types of constructions. While having a weight per unit of 3,97 kilograms, these sheets perform very well in terms of durability. A simple toolbox containing a cutter and a hammer will be enough for cutting and applying these sheets on the roof. Besides, ONDULINE FIT sheets can cover long distances without being damaged.



Recognise the original products by the embossed stamps!


You may recognise the original products by the embossed stamp on the sheets. These stamps have made it very simple to separate the original products from their imitations.



Onduline FIT soguk damga

ONDULINE FIT sheets are produced with the “Onduline” stamp embossed. These stamps make it very simple to distinguish the original products from the imitations.



The wide range of accessories that ONDULINE FIT possess has the ultimate goal of securing the waterproofing and establishing the unique look of your roof. To obtain a complete roofing system, all the details on the roof have been thought. The new ONDULINE FIT system provides the full range of accessories.


Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Bituline PP 40M

(Granulated polymer modified bitumen based membranes for valleys and details, under TS EN 13707 standards)
Width × Length: 100 cm × 10 m
Thickness: 3,5 mm
Packaging: 25 rolls / pallet (250 m²)

Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Onduline Mahya 2000 HROnduline Ridge 2000 HR
Width × Length: 48,5 cm × 200 cm
Amount : 0,54 piece / m
Weight : 2,75 kg / piece
Packaging : 20 pieces / package , 25 packages / pallet , 500 pieces / pallet
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - OnduporONDUPOR
EPS Thermal Insulation Board
Width: 85 cm
Length: 192 cm
Height: 4,4 cm
Density: 16 kg/m³
Packaging: 16 pieces / pack
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Koruklu Yalitim BandiFLASHING BAND
(Butyl based self adhesive waterproofing bands for valleys and detail solutions)
Width : 30 cm
Length : 250 cm
Colors : Terracotta, Brown, Gray, Onduline Red, Black
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - OndubandONDUBAND PRO (Bitumen based self adhesive waterproofing bands for valleys and detail solutions)
Width: 7,5 cm – 10 cm – 15 cm – 20 cm – 30 cm – 60 cm
Length: 500 cm – 1000 cm
Colors: Natural Aluminium, Onduline Red, Terracotta, Anthracite, Onduline Green
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Ondulair Mahya Havalandirma BandiONDULAIR Ventilation Tape
(Waterproof ridge ventilation tape)
Width: 28,5 cm
Length: 500 cm
Color: Black
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Onduline Seffaf Cati KapagiONDULINE Roof Skylight
Width: 66,5 cm
Length: 82,5 cm
Hollow Dimensions: 43,5 cm × 47 cm
Packaging: 5 pcs. / box
Onduvilla FIT Aksesuarlar - Galvanizli Monoblok Baslikli Onduvilla CivisiGalvanised Monoblock Onduline Nail
(For wooden substructures)
Length: 6 cm – 8 cm – 10 cm
Packaging: 400 pieces / box
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Matkap Uclu Monoblok Vida Monoblock Screw
(For steel substructures)
Length: 6 cm – 10 cm
Packaging: 400 pieces / box
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Galvanizli Beton CivisiGalvanised Concrete Nail
(For pitched roofs)
Length: 7 cm – 9 cm – 10 cm – 13 cm
Packaging: 1000 pieces / box
Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Aluminyum Z ProfilAluminium Z Profile (For flashing details)
Length: 300 cm
Packaging: 10 pieces / package
Color: Onduline Red, Onduline Green, Natural Aluminium

Onduline FIT Aksesuarlar - Aluminyum Z Profil Cizim