Lightweight corrugated roofing sheets.

ONDULINE HR is a corrugated roofing sheet. It's reliable and well-known solution for a wide range of applications.

Product benefits

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • UV resistant
  • Asbestos-free


Sustainable Roofing System

With its high quality, ONDULINE HR system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability.



Quick and Easy to Install

Lightweight and easy to handle on the jobsite. Installation with few tools, a hammer and a band saw or a cutter to cut the sheets. Large range of applications, from individual houses to annexes, carports, garden sheds, from industrial to agricultural buildings.


For new installation or renovation,  with only 4 kg/m².


Sound Absorbency
The sound absorbency value is 40 dB on the average. DIN52210


SealSmart Technology
The elasticity of ONDULINE composite material allows it to shrink around each fastener, creating a leak-resistant barrier. Only use ONDULINE fasteners!


Waterproof under all climatic conditions. ONDULINE doesn't rust.









Your home is your castle. Increase its protection and your comfort with ONDULINE HR sheets. Watertight and aesthetic, ONDULINE HR will make you enjoy any weather!





A roof with ONDULINE HR provides you a long lasting watertight protection, acoustic insulation and aesthetic look. Besides, you will benefit from its quick and easy installation, hence savings.





ONDULINE HR has been since many years an indispensable roofing material for individual houses, apartment buildings, industrial sites and factory buildings and still is. The ease and quickness in its application, its resistance and watertightness are the main and great advantages offered for these type of buildings.





Gain efficiency covering your industrial building with ONDULINE HR sheets. Lightweight, easy to install and aesthetic, ONDULINE HR will save the time and money and bring more value to your site!





Onduline HR Agricultural

Protect your harvest, livestock, agricultural equipment. Watertight and  resistant, ONDULINE HR provides a reliable protection from weather conditions and also acoustic insulation!





Make your building different and attractive in short time period. A roof realized with ONDULINE HR sheets will provide you a long lasting watertight protection, acoustic insulation and aesthetic look. Besides, you will benefit from its quick and easy installation.







Onduline HR Sheet Colors


Width : 97 cm
Length : 200 cm
Net Coverage per sheet: 1.62 sqm/sheet
Weight: 6,5 kg ± 0,3 kg
Corrugation height: 3,8 cm
Number of corrugations: 10 corrugations/sheet


Onduline HR Palet


Width : 98 cm
Length : 204 cm
Height : 180 (±10) cm

Pallet weight : 2330 ± 100 kg/pallet (gross)
Packing : 350 sheets/pallet - 556 sqm /pallet net coverage




A simple and flexible roofing system!


Thanks to their reduced weight (about 4 kg/m²) and their great mechanical flexibility, ONDULINE HR sheets can be installed on an extremely diverse range of lightweight roof structures. ONDULINE HR sheets only require a very simple toolkit to install: a hammer for securing the sheets and a band saw for

cutting them down to size. In contrast to many roofing materials which are unable to withstand journeys on rough roads, ONDULINE HR sheets never break while in transit.


A reliable solution for all climates!


Incorporating the properties of the finest grades of bitumen, ONDULINE HR sheets deliver perfect seal integrity in all climates.

Thermally speaking, ONDULINE composite has one of the lowest heat conducting coefficients on the market. Not only that, it also insulates well against the noise of heavy rainfall and is able to withstand Siberian levels of sub-zero weather.

The corrugated shape of ONDULINE HR sheets makes roof structures easier to ventilate and delivers great temperature resistance to any roof.

Lightweight and ultra-flexible, ONDULINE HR sheets are specified by many architects in all around the world.


Recognize the original sheets by their stamps!

You can identify the original ONDULINE HR sheets by their cold stamps. With this, you can easily distinguish the original from the fakes.


ONDULINE HR Sheets are produced with "Onduline" logo cold stamped on the colored side of the sheet. This impression is one of the distinctive particularities of the sheets. Thanks to this method one can distinguish the sheets from similar or imitation products at a glance.

On the other side of the sheet European Norms, ONDULINE HR logo and production date (month/year) are printed.





Range and Accessories

Color range











Thanks to a unique technology, ONDULINE HR is available in four colors.











Width x Length : 48.5 cm x 200 cm
Weight : 2.75 kg/unit
Packing : 20 pieces/bundle | 25 bundle/pallet | 500 pieces/pallet

Aluminium Z-Profile (for finishing details)
Length : 300 cm
Packing : 10 pieces per bundle

ONDULINE Roof Skylight
Width : 66.5 cm
Height : 82.5 cm
Packing : 5 pieces per box

Galvanized Concrete Nail (with plastic washer)
Diameter : 5 mm
Length : 7 cm - 9 cm - 10 cm - 13 cm
Packing : 1000 pieces per bag

ONDUBAND (aluminium coated self-adhesive tape for gutters and detail solutions)
Colours : Natural Aluminium,
Aluminium Embossed, Aluminium Copper, Lead, Brick Red, Onduline Red, Terracotta, Onduline Green
Package Dimensions: 17 cm x 17 cm x 61 cm

BITULINE Mineral or Aluminium Protection Membranes to be torched on, for gutters and detail solutions (for selection of type, please refer to to BITULINE Membranes Brochure)
Width x Length : 100 cm x 10 m
Thickness : 3,5 mm
Packing : 23 rolls/pallet (230m²)

Galvanized Monoblock ONDULINE® Nail (with washer for wooden roofs)
Diameter : 3 mm
Length : 6 cm - 8 cm - 10 cm
Packing : 400 pieces per box
(for 1 sheet, 20 ONDULINE nails must be used)

Monoblock Self Drilling Screw For Steel Structure
Diameter: 4.8 mm
Available: 6 cm - 10 cm
Packing: 400 ps per box
(for 1 sheet, 11 ONDULINE monoblock self drilling screws must be used)



ONDULINE HR is the most widely used corrugated roofing sheet in Turkey. Millions of square meters of roofing area is covered with ONDULINE HR. Click here to see the ONDULINE HR references.