Lightweight roofing and high-performance waterproofing systems

Why choose Onduline?

Onduline has been designing innovative systems for roofs, façades, waterproofing and structural work for 75 years. 
Our priority: creating stylish solutions with excellent performance that meet your needs. Hard-wearing products suited to all types of buildings: houses, holiday resorts, greenhouses, agricultural or institutional buildings…

Demanding quality policy

We are constantly improving the performance and quality of our products to offer ever-more effective solutions. 

Compliance with regulations

Our roofing systems respect building and construction standards.

Green roofing solutions

With a positive carbon balance of 4066 g CO2/m², the lowest in their category, Onduline products respect the environment.

Onduline helps you in all your projects

Do you have a roofing, renovation or construction project? Onduline's experts support you from the design to the implementation of your project and answer all your questions. 


Brochures, regulations, guarantees, certifications, declarations of performance (DOP)… discover the many documents and data sheets that will be useful for your project.

Selection guide

Our roofing and façade specialists give you their recommendations.


Visualise the final effect of the Onduline product you have selected when installed on a building.


Find the declaration of performance (DOP) you need.