Does BITULINE®  penetrate water after application?
It definitely does not penetrate water in case it is applied in accordance with the BITULINE®  technical catalogue guidelines and TS11758-2.

Can BITULINE® be applied without use of primer coating?
BITULINE® Primer eliminates the adhesion preventive dusts and earths on the related surface and enables a clean surface. It also increases the adherence between BITULINE® and the concrete surface. Thus, application without BITULINE® Primer shall not be conducted on concrete surfaces. No primer coating is required for surfaces other than concrete (wood, etc.).

Do we need to use pressure bars on the upper edges of vertical BITULINE® applications?
In case the parts on the line where BITULINE® ends leaks water, there is the risk of dampening the parts where the BITULINE®  is adhered. Thus, special aluminum Z profiles shall be used as pressure bars on the upper edges of vertical applications.

Can BITULINE® be applied on steel roofs?
BITULINE®  is widely used on steel roofs. Application details can be obtained by our technical brochures or via our web site:

Can it be applied as single layer?
BITULINE®  is applied in form of two layers in foundations and terrace roofs. It can be applied as single layer on sloped roofs.

Can BITULINE® be applied on sloped roofs?
BITULINE®  can be applied on sloped roofs as single layer mineral or aluminous or in form of two layers.

Do the joints of BITULINE® open by time and leak water?
The joints of BITULINE®  never open if they are adhered correctly. The adhered part acts as a single intact material.

Is a special accessory required for inner and outer corner bends on terraces?
Special plastic accessories are available for inner and outer corners.

On which surfaces and in which climatic conditions can BITULINE®water insulation membranes be applied?
BITULINE®  water insulation membranes shall be applied on dry concrete, wood, surfaces free of oil, dust and smooth on a rainless day of which the infrastructure has been specified in our technical brochures and technical details. BITULINE®  shall be kept waiting for a period of 24 hours above a temperature of +5°C and applied in temperatures above of +5 °C.

What can we do to prevent BITULINE® water insulation membranes to be squeezed by the weight of the building when they are applied under the foundation of the building?
BITULINE®  Maxima series product shall be chosen for such foundation applications. The thicknesses of the materials shall be chosen in accordance with the following sheet given in TS 11758-2 application standard.

bituline faq graphic

For instance, the detail to be applied during foundation insulation with a water pressure of 1.5m and ground pressure of 0.15 MPa, shall be double layer with 3mm + 3mm polyester felt.

What is the lifespan of BITULINE®?
BITULINE®  which is chosen according to the place of usage and which is adhered in accordance with the technical details, can perform for a period as long as the lifespan of the building itself.

Can we achieve definite solution for water insulation by using BITULINE®?
For this purpose, first of all, the right BITULINE®  should be chosen. Definite solution can then be obtained by using the correct accessories complementing the insulation and by high end workmanship.