Product Benefits
Ventilated roofs
Strong understructure
Easy installation
Valid for new constructions and for renovations
10 year waterproofing warranty
10-year warranty
ISOLINE is a perfect and outstanding waterproofing solution for all types of clay tiles.

Sustainable Roofing System
With its high quality, ISOLINE system meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability. For more information click here

Enjoy the even look of your roof thanks to ISOLINE system making  possible to apply tiles in an aesthetic way. Refine and differentiate your roof with a large range of accessories .

Achieve long-lasting watertightness for your roofs covered with any type of clay tiles.

Ideal Solution For New Or Renovated Roofs
You will not have to repair your roof every summer!
Enjoy the luxury of having perfect waterproofing, aesthetic look with the tiles and thermal insulation if you need. On the other hand, you can get ridt of the leakages occurring almost every year.

Now Is The Time for Renovation
We are inviting you to use in your renovations which is the ideal solution for waterproofing of your roof with ISOLINE sheets compatible with your tiles! Once that you renovate your roof with ISOLINE System, you can forget about it for long years!

isoline sheet with tile
What is ISOLINE?
ISOLINE is a special under-tile waterproofing sheet. Water flows freely under the tiles through ISOLINE’s channels and therefore, waterproofing is maintained on the roof.

There are special spaces on ISOLINE designed to attach the tiles to the ISOLINE sheets, to prevent the tiles from sliding. These spaces also make the application of the tiles much easier and fast, where strings are not needed anymore.

What are the special advantages of ISOLINE?
ISOLINE is in fact compatible with many types of tiles, although the most common application is with the 'Marsellaise' type of tiles. Without depending on the type of tile used, ISOLINE sheets provide solutions for even complicated  roof details: binding the tiles to the roof becomes easier, it enables heat insulation elements to be applied and as a result, you get a perfect roofing system free from thermic insulation problems as well.

Why ISOLINE for roof renovations?
With ISOLINE, you are able to repair your roof while using the same old tiles. Furthermore, there is no urgency in applying the tiles right after the sheets, since ISOLINE provides total waterproofing even when there are no tiles on them. And once the tiles are applied, your roof is “twice efficient” for waterproofing.

Get Rid of Ventilation Problem:
An air space of 90 cm2/m resides beneath the ISOLINE gutters. This space helps to discharge the vapor inside the building and creates an air circulation over the heat insulation materials. Additionally, the flow of air created among the roof tiles and ISOLINE allows rapid drying of roof tiles which all mean: "A ventilated roof a long lasting roof!"

isoline sheet


Width : 102 cm
Length: 182 cm
Net coverage: 1,65 m²/piece
Weight: 6,0 kg/pcs-3,6 kg/m²
Corrugation height: 2,4 cm
No. of corrugations: 21 / sheet

isoline palet

Width : 104 cm (±10)
Length: 186 cm (±10)
Height: 190 cm (±10)
Pallet weight: 1470 ± 80 kg/pallet
Packing: 250 sheet/pallet – 412 m² /pallet (net coverage)

isoline eco




isoline aluminium

BITULINE Aluminium
Aluminium foil finish membranes of the BITULINE Extra group EG30A and EP30A are used as the detail solution material like the granulated finish types.
Width: 10 m
Length: 1 m
Thickness: 3 mm
Package: 23 rolls/pallet (230 m2)
Color: Terracotta

isoline bituline

Mineral surface Waterproofing Membrane BITULINE PP 40M for Valley and Detail Solutions
Width: 10 m
Length: 1 m
Thickness: 3,5 mm
Package: 23 rolls/pallet (230 m2)
Color: Terracotta

isoline adaptor ISOLINE Adaptor For Roof Skylight
Width: 27,5 cm
Lenghth: 66,5 cm
Packing: 5 pieces / box
isoline roof skylight

Roof Skylight
Width: 66,5 cm
Length: 82,5 cm
Packing: 5 pieces / box

isoline ventilation bar

Ventilation Bar
(Preventing Ingress of Foreign Materials and Instrusions of Birds Through the Eaves)
Width x Length: 9 cm (incl. hatchell) x 100 cm
Color: Red
Package: 10 pieces / bundle

isoline nail

ONDULINE nail with plastic washer for wooden roof applications
Diameter: 3 mm
Length: 6 cm - 8 cm - 10 cm
Package: 400 pieces / box

isoline galvanized nail

Galvanized concrete nail with plastic washer for reinforced concrete roofs
Diameter: 5 mm
Length: 7 cm - 9cm - 10 cm -13 cm
Packing: 1000 pieces / box

isoline clasping hook

ISOLINE Clasping Hook
(Galvanized, Used for Fixing ISOLINE Compatible Tiles Onto Roofs)
Package: 1000 units / bag

isoline ondulair

(waterproof ridge ventilation tape)
Width x Length: 29.5 cm x 500 cm / roll
Color: Red, black
Package: 4 rolls / box

isoline onduband

isoline onduband drawing

(Aluminium or copper coated self-adhesive membrane for gutters and detail solutions)
Colours: Brick Red, Terracotta
Pack. Dimensions: 17 cm x 17 cm x 61 cm

isoline aluminum z profile Aluminium Z-Profile  (For finishing details)
Length: 300 cm
Package: 10 pcs / bundle
Tile Accessories

isoline standard ridge

Standard Ridge Tile
Width: 19.4 cm
Length: 42.5 cm
Quantity: 3 pcs / m-ridge
Weight: 3,5 kg / pcs

isoline tri linear ridge

Bracketed Tri-Linear Ridge Tile
Used at intersection points of two hips and one ridge on hip roofs along with bracketed ridge tiles.
Width: 18,5 cm - 47 cm
Length: 37,5 cm
Weight: 4,1 kg / unit

isoline end ridge Bracketed End Ridge Tile
Used commonly at bottom ends of hips on each slope of hip roofs and at gable ends in saddle roofs together with bracketed ridge tiles.
Width: 18,5 cm - 22 cm
Length: 40 cm
Weight: 4,8 kg / unit
isoline ridge tile

Bracketed Ridge Tile
Ensures a smooth cylindrical look for ridge line. Used with all roof tile types.
Width: 23 cm
Length: 44 cm
Quantity: 2,7 pcs / m-ridge
Weight: 4,8 kg / pcs

Installation & Documentation
How to Install ISOLINE?

ISOLINE is easy to master. For a complete overview of the installation, please see our installation video!

Documentation (Brochure, Technical Documents and Certificates)