Product benefits
ARDOISE is a unique roofing material which is both durable and prestigious.

“ARDOISE” is the French term for a natural stone which geologists denominate as “Slate” or “Schiefer” in German. Slate roofs form an attractive prestigious roof covering whose durability has been proved over hundreds of years of use in Europe. This experience guarantees an attractive long lasting roof covering.

ARDOISE-Slate: The Prestigious Roofing Material of Europe

ARDOISE is the French term for a natural stone which geologists denominate as "Slate", or "Schiefer" in German. Slate roofs form an attractive prestigious roof covering whose durability has been proved over hundreds of years of use in Europe. This experience guarantees an attractive long lasting roof covering.

Slate is a quarried natural stratified stone which is hewn into thin plates of 5 to 7mm in thickness. Conventional slate roofing systems are formed from two overlapping layers laid with wide end laps. As a result, the system requires a considerable number of expensive slates per m² in order to form a finished roof. For this reason, asphalt shingles have been developed as the economic and popular imitation of the slate roof finish.

The worldwide sales of roofs covered with slates in 2003 were 30,000 mil m²; 92% of which were in Europe, 5% in the USA and 3% in the rest of the World. The European demand for slates is highest in France, followed by Spain, Germany and Great Britain, with the overall sales demand for slates increasing by 3% per annum.

Advanced batten system
The slates are laid over ISOLINE underlay roofing sheet using specially designed battens which provide stability to the slates, which are in turn secured by unique interlocking hooks. It is therefore not necessary to form a hole in the slate and fix with conventional nails or screws. The handling and fixing of the product is therefore made easy resulting in a quick installation.

Material economy
ISOLINE is the established market leading corrugated under tile sheet for clay and concrete roof tiles. Now by using the ISOLINE special batten and slate clip system, the same enhanced weathering performance can also be applied to slate roofs and significantly reduce costs by decreasing the number of slates required.

Example: The typical slate requirement for covering a conventional double lapped 1 m roof surface is nominal to 2.4 m² of slates, whereas it is only 1.18 m² of slate if applied on ISOLINE sheets, thus reducing slate usage by 50% producing a substantial cost saving.


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Lightweight roof
The reduction in the number of slates required to cover the roof also means a substantial reduction in the weight of the roof.

Example: The weight of a traditionally laid slate roof is nominally 30-35 kg/m²; whilst the weight of an ISOLINE slate system roof is only 16 kg/m². Nowadays, despite the high initial cost of natural slate roofing products, it is still increasingly selected in preference to more modern clay, concrete and metal lapped roofing materials. The reason for this choice is the classical aesthetic of natural slate, on modern architectural projects.

Safe, easy and quick installation
The advanced batten design provides increased wind uplift resistance by retaining each slate tightly in place. The modular design of the batten system saves considerable time in aligning and fixing the slates. Slate is a very strong material and it is difficult to damage under normal conditions, however, should accidental damage occur, not only ISOLINE sheets provide assured secondary weathering but also it's unique hook retaining system allows a single slate to be simply replaced without removing next overlapping slates.


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The contribution of the modern technology to the prestige of the natural material
The ISOLINE system is the perfect blend of modern technology with traditional natural material. The combination of natural slate and advanced ISOLINE forms the ideal roof covering, requiring fewer slates and making fixing easier and faster, producing a prestigious, durable and easily maintained roof covering.


ardoise isoline

Rigid underlay for waterproofing
Width: 102 cm
Length: 182 cm
Net on the roof: 1,65 m²/piece
Weight: 6,0 kg / piece - 3,6 kg/m²
Height of corrugation: 2,4 cm
Number of corrugations: 21 corr. /sheet

ardoise app 2

Width : 250 mm
Lenght: 200 mm
Net coverage: 25 pieces/m²
Weight: 800 g
Packing: 115 cm x 115 cm x 90 cm
1300 ± 100 pieces / bundle



Ardoise app 2



ardoise onduband

ardoise onduband table

(aluminium coated self - adhesive membrane for gutters and detail solutions)
Colours: Lead
Package Dimensions: 17 cm x 17 cm x 61 cm
ardoise ridge cover

Ridge Cover
Width: 8 + 8 cm
Length: 100 cm

ardoise slate


Width: 250 mm
Length: 200 mm
Net coverage: 25 pcs/m²
Thickness: 5-7 mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 800 gr
Package: 115 cm x 115 cm x 90 cm |1300 ± 100 pcs/box | Code: 05150200001

ardoise onduplak

Onduplak (OSB 3)
Width: 122 cm
Length: 240 cm
Thickness: 11 mm
Code: 04500311100

arodise clever batten

Clever Batten
Width: 3,5 cm
Length: 101,5 cm
Packing: 100 pcs/box
(sufficient for ± 16 adet/m²)
Code: 05501020000

ardoise bardostick

BARDOSTICK - Bituminous Mastic
(310 ml/cartridge)
Package: 25 pieces per box
Code: 04500500035


Ondulair - Ridge Ventilation Tape
Widthx Length: 29,5 cm x 500 cm/roll
Colour: Black
Packing: 4 roll/box
Code: Black: 04501029501 | Red: 04501029502

ardoise bituline

Colour: grey
Code: 03201060001

ardoise innox hook

Inox Hook
Thickness: 2 mm
Length: 65 mm
Packing: 400 pcs/box
(sufficient for ±16 adet/m²)
Code: 05500609301

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