Product benefits
Innovative roofs
Against frost damages
Color stability
Anti-slip surface
With it’s special design, ONDUSER system offers your roofs an amazing appearance besides a complete protection against water.

The ONDUSER project offers to the construction sector a new alternative for roofing, which is a first in our markets.

Special ceramic slates and a unique fixing system, designed by Onduline Avrasya and developed with the contribution of Seramiksan, provide a new technology which allows to equip a classical, durable, resistant and aesthetical building material with all technical specs required for roof applications and to install them without the use of cement or any other adhesives.


ONDUSER’s lightweight provides the advantages of transportation and handling at site besides enabling safety.

Absolute Waterproofing
The outer surface of ceramic slates have no water absorption. Combined with ISOLINE waterproofing sheets, they can be safely installed on roofs with low pitch.

ONDUSER Reflects The Sun
Glazed and bright surfaces are reflective. They store less heat energy even if they are exposed to sun continuously.

Easy Installation
The lines and corrugations of ISOLINE clearly define where the ceramic slates should be placed. Ceramic slates can also be cut to the desired size. It is also possible to replace a slate with a new one without damaging any other part of the roof.


onduser isoline

Rigid underlay for waterproofing
Width: 102 cm
Length: 182 cm
Net on the roof: 1,65 m²/piece
Weight: 6,0 kg / piece - 3,6 kg/m²
Height of corrugation: 2,4 cm
Number of corrugations: 21 corr. /sheet

onduser ceramic ONDUSER
Ceramic slates for roofing and siding
Width: 33 cm
Length: 33 cm
Weight: 1.62 kg / piece, 19.5 kg/m²
Thickness: 8 mm
Net on the roof: 1 m² / bundle
Packaging: 12 pcs / bundle
Reaction to fire: A1
Bending strength: 350 kg / cm²
Frost resistance: Pass
Water absorbtion: <3%
Anti-slip class: R13


onduser seramiksan onduser kenar



onduser onduplak

Onduplak Roof Panel
Width: 122 mm
Length: 244 cm
Thickness: 11 mm

onduser hook

Stainless Steel Hook - Nail with Plastic Washer
Packing: 400 pcs / box

onduser batten

Aluminium Eaves Batten
Width: 7 cm
Length: 100 cm
Packaging: 20 pcs / bundle

onduser ridge cap

Aluminium Ridge Cap (Including fixing elements, also suitable for gable ends)
Width: 8 + 8 cm
Length: 100 cm
Packaging: 10 pcs/box

onduser bituline

BITULINE PP 40M Waterproofing membrane for valleys (please look to BITULINE brochure for technical specs.)

onduser onduband

onduser onduband table

ONDUBAND (aluminium coated self-adhesive tape for detail solutions)
onduser aluminum z profile

Aluminium Z-Profile (for finishing details)
Length: 100 cm
Packaging: 10 pcs / bundle
Colours: Salmon cotto, autumn red, slate grey, spring green, rose brown


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Installation and Documentation
Installation tips

ONDUSER Can Be Installed Easily
The lines and corrugations of ISOLINE define clearly where the tiles have to be placed without any need of measuring. If necessary, ceramics can be cut to desired size. It is also possible to take away any tile and replace it with a new one without damaging the rest of the roof.

ONDUSER Technical Documents